Rochester Injury Attorneys 

Reasons why a Rochester Injury Attorney is Necessary  

When you are injured as the result of a person or entity's action or negligence, it only seems right that the person or company would offer to compensate you. If they are insured, the insurance company will do the right thing and offer a fair settlement. Wake up, your dreaming or your watching a Mary Poppins movie.

Many people will not take responsibility for their actions, and insurance companies protect their bottom lines, by under compensating victims. Insurance companies and their attorneys have teams of legal experts with one thought in mind, "How can we mitigate or control our losses?" They know that most victims have no idea of what their legal rights are. Without the legal help of a skilled personal injury attorney, you will usually end up short changed.

A skilled personal injury lawyer knows how to build your case, how to negotiate your case, and if necessary, how to take your case to trial. While it is possible to negotiate with an insurance company yourself, insurance companies will wear you down and do everything they can to get the lowest possible settlement. Insurance companies are full of methods and moves to get you into making bad judgments and statements that will damage your position, should you go to court. A personal injury lawyer is in a better position to help you obtain a favorable settlement, even with the attorney fees deducted. Going it alone is full of pitfalls and can have a very unhappy ending.

I don't have any money, how can I afford a Rochester Injury Attorney?

Most Rochester injury attorneys will usually accept cases on a contingency fee basis, meaning that they if they win they receive a percentage of the award as their fee. If they lose, they do not receive a fee. (Please note that some attorneys differentiate between fees and certain court costs, and you may have to pay some court costs even if you lose the case. It is a good idea to have a firm understanding of all costs associated with your attorney. This is seldom an issue, as most personal injury cases are settled before they go to court. The contingent fee your lawyer will charge usually will be about 1/3 of what you recover. In some instances if the case is large enough, you may negotiate a smaller percentage, but take note, the better personal injury lawyers usually don't negotiate their fees. They know that they can recover substantially more money for their clients than attorneys with lesser skills. You will still come out ahead regardless of the percentage taken by the attorney.

How many Rochester Injury Attorneys should I have consultations with before I hire one?

You should interview with at least two and more until you feel comfortable with the attorney, and monetary terms. Remember, you are in the driver’s seat. It's your injury and you will be sharing intimate details of your life with this person. If you leave the office feeling uneasy or didn't think they paid undivided attention to you or your case, keep on interviewing.

Here is what you should bring to the Interview

a written summary of your case

a list of questions for the attorney

any documentation that supports your case

Questions to ask the attorney before you contract with them.It is always best to have a firm understanding about what is expected, as well as the costs involved.

What is your background and experience relating to my case?

Have you ever brought any cases like mine to trial?

Do you have a written agreement that I can read beforehand?

How will you charge me for services?

If you take this case on contingency fee, what does it cover?

If you are unsuccessful in court, will I be billed for any court costs?

Will you be handling my case with other attorneys and paralegals?

Who will be my contact person with your office?

What is the best way to communicate with you?

How will I be updated on events and developments of my case?

Will I receive copies of correspondence of documents you file in court on my behalf?

What about a written agreement, should I ask for one?

A written agreement is always the best way to protect your rights. Many Rochester Injury Attorneys use a short form agreement. Take your time and read the whole document before signing. If your don't understand something, ask before you sign.